Glass creation for construction

The use of glass has become a symbol of architectural modernity. Increasingly present in the creations of architects, glass for building offers endless possibilities. The charm is mainly due to transparency, the ability to let light and vision through and, at the same time, to isolate and separate.

Windows for the construction industry

Today more and more buildings have glass facades from a sculptural aspect. Parallel to the growth in the use of glass in architecture, the material is enriched to meet the new requirements of thermal comfort, noise and safety. Inglas, glass factory in Santa Maria a Monte in the province of Pisa, has adapted well to this transformation of the image of glass, and since 1988 has specialised in curvature and stratification in accordance with regulation EN12600 for the production of glass for residential, commercial and marine building, and furniture for bars and shops.

Railings, stairs and partitions

Inglas designs and manufactures railings for stairways and partition walls. The stratification is done with special resins that allow us to work even on particular curvatures and can be coloured, transparent or opalescent. The company also stratifies various types of marbles, in particular onyx. In these cases the size is determined by the slabs of marble or onyx chosen. For more detailed information on glass for construction, contact the number 0587.707416 now.

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