Inglas Vetri

Santa Maria a Monte, in the province of Pisa, was famous in the past as a strategic military outpost, and is now known for the presence of historic, great glassware. In a sea of ​​green hills is Inglas Vetri, the company created in 1974 which since 1988 has specialised in the creation of curved glass.

Glass for furniture

The company has five plants for glass curvature and was the first in Italy to make curved glass heated for counters in ice cream shops. Its production is aimed at different sectors: food - refrigerated counters and glass for furnishing in bars and shops - construction and boating. The curved glass can be made in different sizes, but the maximum size is 3800 x 2500 mm. The type of curvature is very varied and ranges from curved glass for monolithic or stratified and laminated bar counters, sometimes heated, glass with convex curvature, spherical, dual beam or constant radius.

Ceramic glass

Among the novelties of glassware a special ceramic glass stands out, capable of diffusing light and usable for back-lit walls, curved glass and the silvered glass applied to onyx. For detailed information please visit the company's website, where you can see some of the works carried out. The company also offers its services in Catelfranco di Sotto in the province of Pisa.


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